bhs1-1_Joliat.jpegBHS Educational Technology Collaborative

This wikispace will serve as a resource for all content area teachers. A wikispace allows everyone associated with this space to add and subtract content. On the left hand side is the navigation frame. This frame has links to both wiki pages and external links. The external links have a green arrow at the end of the text and the wiki page links are simply text.

The core applications link has a collection of applications that can be used across all content areas. Each core application has a link to the main site. There will also be screen casts coming to each section that will deliver step-by-step instructions for setup and use.

The content area resource pages contain links, TED talks, suggested iPad apps, and blogs to follow. Every teacher can add resources to their respective content area page. Think of each page as a continuous conversation and a growing, evolving curriculum binder. This wiki provokes us all to be transparent in our teaching and learning. If you find something to share, share it. If you create a wicked lesson and have student work to show, show it.

The Twitter section links to the #bhschat hashtag and updates continuously. There is also a list of content area teachers who are on Twitter and worth following. This is a good place to start if you are new to Twitter and want a few people in your discipline to follow.

The Google Apps for Education section covers Bloom's Taxonomy and Google Apps. The apps that are covered are Docs, Sites, Reader, and Alerts. I consider these Google apps the core curriculum for Google Apps in education.

The my Diigo library section is a link to my social bookmarks. Every time I find a resource, news article, journal article, blog, etc. I will save it to my Diigo library. The link I bookmarked will then post to the page. The links are all external links and will take you directly to the link I shared.

You cannot hurt this page and the associated pages. Everything is backed up in a history archive and I have screenshots of every page. I encourage you to explore this wiki and use it as you see fit.

Finally, if you would like to add something to the wiki this summer you can do so through the Google form below. Simple fill in the criteria and hit submit. I will then post the link to the page. Also, if you would like to schedule time to work with me this summer there is a public calendar at the top of the navigation frame titled "Instructional Technology Calendar". Simply click on one of the days and add the time and what you would like to cover. I will respond as soon as possible and confirm or reschedule the meeting.