General Science Resources
Future Channel of Science and Tech - free science animations from all over the world for any topic in K-12 science.
Quia Science - Quiz generator
Chem Collective - Is a collection of virtual labs, scenario-based learning activities, and concepts tests
Tops Science Activities- 45 free labs and ideas.
MIT High School Resources- More than 2600 video and audio clips, lecture notes, and assignments, all categorized
Project Exchange-Teacher developed projects in science and other subject areas as well.
National Geographic
Discovery Educators Network - A global community of educators passionate about teaching with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating, and networking.

Environmental Science Resources (source from Pennsylvania)

Hippocampus - resources (animations, simulations, labs) arranged by topic or following your textbook. Free registration and ability to create your own frontpage tailored to your course/students

Standards support:
4.1 Watersheds and Wetlands
Watershed Education - from the PA DCNR
Surf your watershed - from the EPA
Drinking water and ground water - also from the EPA
EnviroMapper for Water - allows mapping of water pollution, watershed information from national to local levels

4.2 Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources
4.3 Environmental Health
4.4 Agriculture and Society
How We Eat Affects the World - from the Nature - trademarked blog
The Sustainable Table

4.5 Integrated Pest Management
PA IPM - Penn State's agricultural school has a great IPM site!
Become an IPM Super Sleuth - simulation/identification of IPM strategies

4.6 Ecosystems and their Interactions
Wiki Example of Biomes
4.7 Threatened, Endangered and Extinct Species
4.8 Humans and the Environment
4.9 Environmental Laws and Regulations

Earth and Space Science
Windows To The Universe
Quia Astronomy
PBS Exploring Space
Hubble Site Video Theatre
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Virtual Galaxy Tour--This galaxy tour is also interactive.

Rocks and Minerals
Widget for Current Earthquakes (embed onto your wiki)


  • Iris Pigmentation Research InfoThe focus of this site is the anatomy of the eye. The site include diagrams and slides showing details at the light microscope and electron microscope level

  • The Auscultation Assistant Designed for medical students, this site gives a detailed description of the sounds of the heart and lungs, including disorders, while playing audio of those sounds with each description. Suitable for upper level high school anatomy/physiology or related courses.

Science TED Talks

Michael Specter

Eric Mead

Sam Harris

Bill Gates

Science blogs
Delores Gende's Blog -