United States History Use Google Earth to Explore the birth place of all US Presidents and see states voting history.
Smithsonian Education
This educational Web site created by the Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies features extensive resources for students, educators, and families. Educators can access lesson plans and other information sorted by grade level and subject, while students can explore interactive content modules.
Provides teachers with a full range of resources and activities to support the teaching of landmark Supreme Court cases, helping students explore the key issues of each case. The "Resources" section features basic building blocks such as background summaries and excerpts of opinions that can be used in multiple ways. The "Activities" section contains a range of short activities and in-depth lessons that can be completed with students. The Web site features key cases mandated by state standards.
Betsy Ross Home Page
This site contains information about Betsy Ross's life and the evolution of the American flag.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Explore the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum resources online.
World War II Sites
This Web site features a comprehensive list of links and resources about World War II for students and teachers, with topics ranging from the home front to the Holocaust to women in the war.
Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
An online museum of this first Presidential Library. Links provide a close look into the lives and writings of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.
LIBERTY! The American Revolution
This Web site, hosted by PBS, presents a variety of topics relating to the American Revolution. Features include a chronicle of the revolution, perspectives from different groups involved in the revolution, and a photo essay about the meaning of liberty today.
The American Civil War Home Page
Explore this online resource of the American Civil War. Links also include time lines, information on battles, documents, and much more!
Ellis Island
Research the history of immigration through Ellis Island and learn fascinating facts about this period in history.
George Washington’s Mount Vernon
Take the online tour of George Washington’s Mount Vernon home! Library collections and educational resources can also be found at this Web site.
Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
A credible resource for studying Thomas Jefferson.

David McCullough - Painting With Words

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