Ideas for the Classroom

  • Students can all create a page and link it to whole class web page. Their web page can consist of personal information and students could complete assignments online at home on their own web page as well.
  • Students could write a blog about what happens everyday on the class website.
  • A student job could be to take a digital image from some point in the day to upload to the website then write a comment about it as well.
  • Students can create a homework help page for a discussion room.
  • Parents can view from any location, to submit homework, do quizzes or tests, and class work missed, due to absence.
  • Teachers can use this tool to easily develop and update a class web site to use as a regular communication tool between the classroom and homes of students.
  • A Google blog can be linked to the class web site to be used by students, teachers, and parents to share thoughts about the learning that is occurring in the classroom.
  • Students can become collaborators and work to develop a class site to organize learning products relating to content from across the curriculum. These can be shared with parents to let them in on the learning that is occurring in the classroom.

Examples of Use in the Classroom