Ideas for Use in the Classroom

  • Create a Google Reader feed for classes and projects
  • Create a Google Reader feed for lesson plan ideas
  • Definitely a great tool for students to use while compiling research for a project
  • Students can receive instant news from various resources such as experts in a particular content, news agencies, and other important and relevant organizations when new information is posted
  • Teachers can add student blogs to their Reader and receive notification every time the blogs are updated.
  • Students can read up on a specific feed or topic and share it with the class (Jigsaw style of learning)
  • Teachers can subscribe to other elementary school blogs to follow what students around the world are creating on the web - and then share the best posts with their own students, complete with annotations that relate the international posts to content being learned in class.
  • Add your Reader feed to your Blog, website or iGoogle homepage.
  • Check out your Reader Trends and hone in on what sites and topics are catching your interest.
  • Highlight sections of a website and share it with students or colleagues.
  • Add “Note in Reader” to your browser tool bar to grab a snippet of any website (even one you’re not subscribed to) and save in Reader.
  • Use a service like to create a class feed that consolidates all of the students’ individual shared item feeds.
  • Read your feeds on the go. With Google Reader on your phone you can access your favorite feeds from your mobile device.