1. Activating your GMail Account
__BPS GMail Portal__ - This log in is a one time activation.
-- Username: Last name or the given username EXAMPLE: marcinek or amarcinek
-- Password: Burlington

This will activate your account. It will give you the option to change your password. Change your password and save the settings and remember your password. Once your account is active, you will not have to log on through this portal again. You can access your GMail from Google.com on the web or on your laptop.
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Setting up GMail on MacBook:
external image 7ozhJlPJqBSh7c4Ww756Kv4rBP3bdvfTfh3ci1Cm4VtMhSpM2lZYOveFYk0kyvqvqrjFI8tIolG_n1UY3AQwMxEZOHAQk-F-NZkZbuj-gobu1KjwRYM

NOTE: Incoming server is: imap.gmail.comOutgoing server is: smtp.gmail.com

2. Important transition dates
-September 30 - End of new email to First Class
-October 1 - All email auto redirect to Gmail
-November 1 - First Class is "Reference Only" - no more send access - teachers should forward any old stored First Class emails by this date
-June 29, 2012 - End of access to First Class

3. Using GMail Video Series
The following videos will be posted on the BPS EdTech YouTube Channel for review later.

4. Something goes wrong with my GMail...
1. Get in touch with Andy or Tim
__amarcinek@bpsk12.org__ and 617-286-4939
2. help@bpsk12.org